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2004 Carrier Hotels
116 Village Blvd.
Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 587-3432
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Philadelphia's Original Carrier Hotel

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2401 Locust Street is a four-story carrier hotel and mission-critical facility located at 24th and Locust Streets near the AT&T central office. The building was built in 1928 as a manufacturing plant for Hires Root Beer, and acquired by the present owners as a "shell" in July of 1982. The building was fully renovated by the noted architectural firm of Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham.

Connectivity is abundant due to the building's proximity to the AT&T central office and the B&O Railroad fiber routing. Tenants at 2401 Locust include AT&T, Verizon, Level 3, Abovenet, MCI, WilTel, XO, Exelon, Voice Systems and Cavalier.

Area The building has a total area of 44,015 sq. ft. of which approximately 3% (1,336 sq. ft.) is common area.
Available Space First floor - Built-out technical space.
Framing Concrete construction utilizing flat slabs with concrete columns with flared capitals. The floors are constructed of six to nine inches thick concrete. The columns spacing is 21 feet x 18 feet.
Exterior Construction Exposed concrete columns and beams with brick in-fill approximately 3 feet high and 12 inches thick. Windows are original wood frame construction, with fixed insulating glass.
Interior Construction Partitions are drywall on metal studs. Some ceilings have suspended acoustical tile in a metal grid system. Most ceilings are exposed concrete. Floors are a combination of exposed concrete and vinyl composition tile. Floor load capacity is 250 pounds.

The Building has three 200 ton cooling towers. A heating and cooling glycol loop circulates through out the Building to provide water to either water source heat pumps, for individual office areas, or self contained air conditioning systems in each telecommunication area. The system is provided with back up to assure extended operation should electric or water services, to the Building, be interrupted.

Electrical A 13KV service with two 2500 KVA XFMR and one 500KVA XFMR transformer. One 2500KVA XFMR supplies tenants on the fourth floor. The second 2500KVA XFMR supplies tenants on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The 500KVA XFMR supplies common space lighting as well as tenants on the first floor. All tenants are protected by emergency generators. There are two generators on the roof both are Diesel Powered one is 1250KW and the second is 2000KW. All tenants have their own Automatic Transfer Switch. Generators are supplied from an in ground common 4000 gallon fuel tank and two day tanks on the roof.
Security The Building is equipped with a telephone entry system with card access. Both fire and security systems are monitored off site. The Building is protected with a Radionics security system.
Sprinkler System The Building is equipped with a building fire alarm system. There are pull stations located at exits, smoke detection and horn strobes throughout. The Building has a sprinkler system and fire pump. Some tenants have their own suppression systems which are monitored by the building fire alarm control panel.
One 2,500 pound hydraulic elevator
Service Elevator One 4,000 pound freight elevator.
Lobby Area Entrance lobby on first floor entered from 24th Street.
Loading Dock Building has one loading dock area with one 8 x12 ft. overhead door.
Parking 8 spaces.
Roof Concrete slab. Sheet rubber material covered with slag.
Fire Towers There are two approved fire exits.


Joseph H. Suppers, Jr.
Node Com Inc.
Phone: 609-587-3432

2000 Carrier Hotels, Inc.
116 Village Boulevard, Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone:(609) 243-7525
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